Elections Nova Scotia


Travelling away from home during an election? If you will be travelling for work or recreation during an election you can still vote. Here’s how you can vote.

Away on Election Day?

In Nova Scotia you can vote outside of your home district up to and including the Saturday before election day. Consider voting at any one of the continuous polls or advance polls offered throughout the province.


Travelling outside Nova Scotia?

If you will be travelling outside the province during the election, you may want to consider voting by write-in ballot. You can vote this way from anywhere in the world but it involves a little more preparation.


Apply to Vote by Mail Using a Write-in Ballot

When a provincial election is called in Nova Scotia, all eligible voters can vote by mail using a write-in ballot. You can apply now so that you can receive your write-in ballot kit when the next provincial general election is called. You can apply on-line or by printing and mailing a paper form. Voting by mail using a write-in ballot is easy!


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