Elections Nova Scotia

Information for Nova Scotia Electoral District Associations

In each of the fifty-one electoral districts, registered parties may establish Electoral District Associations (EDA).  Each EDA must be registered with ENS, including an annual renewal. An EDA is endorsed by the leader of the registered party to further the goals of the registered party.

Several resources are available for the Official Agent of an EDA to use, including a Handbook and several Forms. (links)

Annual reporting is required. The forms for this reporting are 4-1 through 4-4.

Guides for The Official Agent of An Electoral District Association

Monetary and Non-Monetary Contributions



The deadlines for filing these reports are:


Renewal of EDA: March 31

Change in information:  10 days after effective date of change

Annual Report: March 31

Fundraising : 120 days after event or March 31 (these are normally processed through the Party, since tax receipts are allowed to be issued only by the party or the candidate)

Status of Electoral District Associations, October 5, 2017

Status of Electoral District Associations, January 16, 2017

Status of Electoral District Associations,September 23, 2015


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