Elections Nova Scotia

Voting in Nova Scotia for Canadian Armed Forces Personnel

Qualified Nova Scotia electors, who are away on duty aboard ship, at a Canadian Forces base in Canada, or serving out of country when a provincial election is called, may vote by Write-in Ballot. Although the time lines for voting are tight, plans are in place to assist serving members in meeting them.

Voting Guide for Nova Scotians Serving in the Canadian Armed Forces

For voting purposes, if the serving member of the Canadian Forces has lived in Nova Scotia at least six months and intends to return at the end of their duty, their residence is their current Nova Scotia address or failing that, the place they declared in their Canadian Forces Statement of Ordinary Residence. Their mailing address for purpose of receiving the write-in ballot kit is the address of the ship or base to which they are posted.

Provincial General Elections

During a provincial general election, Elections Nova Scotia will contact the Judge Advocate General’s office which will send a message to all units of the Canadian Forces to inform them of the election, the eligibility requirements for voting, and the process to apply for a write-in ballot.

Provincial By-Elections

During a by-election, Election Nova Scotia advertises within the province to alert friends and relatives to advise eligible members of the Canadian Forces to apply for a write-in ballot and the key dates for applying and returning their ballot.

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