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Political Donations Annual Reports

Registered Party Audited Financial Statements

The Elections Act requires registered political parties in Nova Scotia to submit an independently audited financial statement to Elections Nova Scotia annually by April 30th. Elections Nova Scotia posts these statements here on our website in accordance with legislation each year in early May.











Semi Annual - Payments to Qualifying Political Parties

The Elections Act (s.191) outlines the provision for annual payments to registered parties. Payments are made in April and October of each fiscal year and are based on a calculation of $1.50 (2010) plus CPI per vote received by that registered party in the most recent provincial general election (PGE).

In an election year, any increase in the amount to which a registered party is entitled, is effective upon the candidates being declared elected and is prorated for the remainder of the election year. If fewer votes are received, the amount is not reduced until the following fiscal year.

Public funding for registered parties began in 2006.

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